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The Quotables

The Quotables

Our mission, should we choose to accept it, is to explore strange old quotes, to seek out new sayings, and new ways of stating them in a galaxy not so far away. [Interact with our blog at ]

Nov 20, 2012

Ed and Cheryl return with another great episode!  We present, Abraham Lincoln, as our first inductee into our Quotables Hall of Fame. Lincoln was a great President and man who changed the course of politics as well as life in this country. Though he felt history might not remember him, he gave us many great quotes, through all his oratory. Listen as we discuss his famous quotes. Also, we celebrate Thanksgiving with more famous quotes from days gone by, as we reflect of the blessings ourselves and our country has been given.

Happy Thanksgiving to All,

SavageTechman and PalacePrincess

(Ed and Cheryl)