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The Quotables

The Quotables

Our mission, should we choose to accept it, is to explore strange old quotes, to seek out new sayings, and new ways of stating them in a galaxy not so far away. [Interact with our blog at ]

Jul 2, 2013

 The Quotables Podcast comes to an end! This has been a labor of love, but lately it has been more labor than love. Cheryl and I truly want to thank all our listeners, contibutors, guests, and all you out there who supported our podcast!

  We hope together you have enjoyed journeying with us as we have laughed and learned about many famous quotes and not so famous quotes. The interesting people who have shaped this world around us past, present, and future.

   The podcast is over, but we may still contribute on our Facebook page, and our blogspot page at ! Please continue to follow us on our Twitter feeds @SavageTechman and @PalacePrincess !

   Thank you all and "let's get quoted"!

    SavageTechman and PalacePrincess

    (Ed and Cheryl)



    (PS. Check the Out Takes at the end of the episode)